Google Adsense For Dummies: A Beginner’s Guide To Earn Money


As you can see in the title of the article, it’s a Google AdSense for Dummies full tutorial. Those who do not know how Google AdSense works and those who wonder how Google can pay Webmasters just by posting advertising on their site. All of these questions will be covered in this Google AdSense for Dummies guide.

What’s Google AdSense? Brief History

Google AdSense is an advertising agency of Google Inc. It was created in June 2003 to allow Webmasters of large sites to monetize their traffic (to sell their web traffic by displaying advertising on their site).

Websites with low traffic were not allowed to display Adsense advertising , only sites with a daily traffic of more than 20,000 visits per day . It was a partnership that Google signed with these webmasters.

But when they noticed that the money was passing in front of their eyes by excluding some sites, then they allowed anyone with a professional site (in .com, .net, …) to monetize their site by selling an advertising space. A space reserved for ads for Google for Money.

How does Google AdSense works?

I’m going to start from a small example to make you understand how Google AdSense works  in this Google AdSense for Dummies tutorial , but before that, here’s the trio I’ll explain to you: An Advertiser : The one who has a product or a service to advertise through advertising campaign,  Google : the board that displays advertising of the advertiser, Publisher : A webmaster or a Blogger who collaborates with Google . Now that you know the functions of everyone, here is how it works:

  • An Advertiser offers advertising (text or pictorial banner or video) of its product or service to Google with an accurate pay per click and Display rate.
  • Google takes the advertisement and displays it in his turn to a space purchased from a Webmaster with a rate per click or random display.
  • A Publisher enters into partnership with Google and displays the ad at a sold space where the ads will be shown.

Understanding the Advertising Trio:

Each time a visitor will visit the site of the publisher (webmaster), it will advertise where the publisher has placed advertising. If the visitor clicks on the ad, the publisher is paid for that clic as his Coast per click (CPC) that the Advertiser (the owner of the Advertising) has to pay  Google.

Indeed, the publisher will earn money through his traffic , Google will earn also a percentage on the amount paid by the Advertiser and the Advertiser will earn the return on investment. So, if the Advertiser has spent $ 200 at Google to display his advertising on the publisher’s website, after a few clicks on his ads, he can earn a return on investment of $ 600 after sale of his product. When to Google, they can be booked $ 150 of the 200 paid by the Announcer and they pay the rest ($ 50) to the publisher who will also gain of his traffic.

So it’s a Winner Winner game . Everyone wins from his activity. But the one who has too much risk is the advertiser who can or can not win the Return on Investment.

How to become a Google AdSense publisher?

To become a publisher and start making money on the Internet with your Blog , you must:

How much can you earn with Adsense?

To better answer the question ” How much can you make money with AdSense ” the easiest answer is ” it depends on your traffic and your audience “. Each site has its own income that it earns in relation to its popularity and audience. I do not want to go into depth about this, but I invite you to read my article to find out  from how much visitors a site becomes profitable . or either the Adsense Revenues per 1000 visits per day. And after you can see the page that brings more revenues on your site.

Google AdSense For Dummies

If you understand English very well, you need to understand the purpose of this Google Adsense for Dummies tutorial and you will be able to create your AdSense account. Good continuity of reading.


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